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# Token Price Change (%) Volume (24H)  Circulating Market Cap On-Chain Market Cap Holders
1.003162 BTC83,512.625898 FTM
0.78%$24,427,376,014$574,416,121,648   $90,645.00   347
0.068717 BTC5,720.621784 FTM
1.63%$16,350,798,942$249,985,055,403   $190,415.16   376


USDC is a fully collateralized US Dollar stablecoin developed by CENTRE, the open source project with Circle being the first of several forthcoming issuers.

0.000033 BTC2.772238 FTM
0.05%$5,344,292,327$52,369,836,370   $606,246,198.70   99,673

Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche is the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality, and has the most validators securing its activity of any proof-of-stake protocol.

0.001130 BTC94.112358 FTM
1.82%$623,756,317$9,147,241,531   $1,586,730.00   4,861

Bitcoin (BTC)

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is an ERC20 token backed 1:1 with Bitcoin. Completely transparent. 100% verifiable. Community led.

1.002830 BTC83,484.986439 FTM
0.78%$376,057,135$8,542,152,459   $177,575,195.00   8,358

Dai Stablecoin (DAI)

Multi-Collateral Dai, brings a lot of new and exciting features, such as support for new CDP collateral types and Dai Savings Rate.

0.000033 BTC2.766710 FTM
0.09%$375,392,304$6,122,874,373   $207,534,445.12   39,841

ChainLink (LINK)

A blockchain-based middleware, acting as a bridge between cryptocurrency smart contracts, data feeds, APIs and traditional bank account payments.

0.000253 BTC21.088907 FTM
0.71%$405,008,434$3,557,095,052   $13,015,337.93   4,454

Magic Internet Money (MIM) is a lending protocol that allows users to borrow a USD-pegged Stablecoin (MIM) using interest-bearing tokens as collateral.

0.000033 BTC2.752641 FTM
0.03%$8,729,223$1,860,436,427   $193,286,219.77   18,576

Frax (FRAX)

Frax is a fractional-algorithmic stablecoin protocol. It aims to provide highly scalable, decentralized, algorithmic money in place of fixed-supply assets like BTC.

0.000033 BTC2.762434 FTM
-0.26%$21,678,466$1,483,474,292   $64,437,296.51   5,665

Aave (AAVE)

Aave is an Open Source and Non-Custodial protocol to earn interest on deposits & borrow assets. It also features access to highly innovative flash loans, which let developers borrow instantly and easily; no collateral needed.

0.003107 BTC258.677698 FTM
6.10%$211,951,396$1,281,432,082   $584,656.73   1,114


A regulated, exchange-independent stablecoin backed 1-for-1 with US Dollars.

0.000033 BTC2.769474 FTM
0.17%$150,807,187$1,226,141,170   $5,640,942.37   2,543
0.000012 BTC0.996046 FTM
4.35%$375,237,532$904,812,556   $42,168,941.22   1,712
0.000012 BTC0.996046 FTM
4.35%$375,237,532$904,812,556   $212,850,411.79   105,183

Synthetix Network (SNX)

The Synthetix Network Token (SNX) is the native token of Synthetix, a synthetic asset (Synth) issuance protocol built on Ethereum. The SNX token is used as collateral to issue Synths, ERC-20 tokens that track the price of assets like Gold, Silver, Oil and Bitcoin.

0.000094 BTC7.794327 FTM
0.40%$57,978,626$629,407,422   $231,558.66   284

Curve DAO (CRV)

Curve is an exchange liquidity pool on Ethereum (like Uniswap) designed for (1) extremely efficient stablecoin trading (2) low risk, supplemental fee income for liquidity providers, without an opportunity cost.

0.000046 BTC3.841885 FTM
-0.04%$133,049,740$542,853,749   $7,257,544.45   5,617

Frax Share (FXS)

FXS is the value accrual and governance token of the entire Frax ecosystem. Frax is a fractional-algorithmic stablecoin protocol. It aims to provide highly scalable, decentralized, algorithmic money in place of fixed-supply assets like BTC.

0.000277 BTC23.051309 FTM
-0.33%$18,720,459$501,834,745   $4,270,004.94   1,356
17 (YFI)

DeFi made simple.

Fantom Peg
0.336040 BTC27,975.085128 FTM
2.12%$63,087,340$358,858,628   $8,178,115.44   2,024

Synapse (SYN)

Synapse is a trustless cross-chain AMM & bridge. Bridge assets across chains, swap assets, earn yield & more

0.000050 BTC4.173558 FTM
3.02%$12,973,413$281,565,001   $3,684,517.78   1,338

Sushi (SUSHI)

The SushiSwap protocol realigns incentives for network participants by introducing revenue sharing and forum-driven network efforts to the popular AMM model.

0.000047 BTC3.924803 FTM
7.91%$131,651,258$273,102,940   $1,502,885.40   2,022

Orbs (ORBS)

Orbs is a public blockchain built for the needs of apps with millions of users, from SLAs to adjustable fee models to on-demand capacity.

0.000002 BTC0.130769 FTM
0.44%$1,480,942$137,965,307   $66,290.54   31

Spell Token (SPELL) is a lending platform that allows users to borrow funds using Interest Bearing Tokens as collateral.

0.000000 BTC0.003931 FTM
3.36%$28,409,857$127,490,017   $1,882,533.08   18,044

Band (BAND)

A data governance framework for Web3.0 applications operating as an open-source standard for the decentralized management of data. Band Protocol connects smart contracts with trusted off-chain information, provided through community-curated oracle data providers.

0.000059 BTC4.919824 FTM
7.51%$11,679,978$73,976,798   $31,721.38   2,714
0.000059 BTC4.919824 FTM
7.51%$11,679,978$73,976,798   $2,871.14   47


An algorithmic stablecoin on Fantom Opera, pegged to the price of 1 FTM via seigniorage.

0.000007 BTC0.560653 FTM
4.04%$7,945,927$64,168,759   $63,873,767.52   34,386

AlpacaToken (ALPACA)

Alpaca Finance is the first leveraged yield farming protocol on Binance Smart Chain. It will be integrated with PancakeSwap and allow users to open leveraged yield farming positions by borrowing assets from vaults.

0.000011 BTC0.896876 FTM
6.42%$1,958,433$50,044,024   $1,746,814.23   1,169

Orion Protocol (ORN)

Orion aggregates the liquidity of the entire crypto market (CEXs, DEXs and liquidity pools) into one decentralized platform providing DeFi with the industry-critical solutions from Orion Terminal to Orion Enterprise solutions for blockchains, 3d party exchanges, and crypto projects.

0.000047 BTC3.924803 FTM
-4.86%$3,456,770$49,025,033   $710,000.00   9

Keep3r (KP3R)

Keep3r Network is a decentralized keeper network for projects that need external devops and for external teams to find keeper jobs.

Fantom Peg
0.004124 BTC343.337362 FTM
4.41%$11,647,449$47,362,179   $14,782.18   134

EverRise (RISE)

EverRise is a blockchain technology company that offers bridging and security solutions across blockchains through an ecosystem of decentralized applications. The EverRise token (RISE) is a multi-chain, collateralized cryptocurrency that powers the EverRise dApp ecosystem.

0.000000 BTC0.001588 FTM
-5.19%$159,714$43,517,602   $41,160,316.49   726

SpookyToken (BOO)

SpookySwap is an automated market-making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) for the Fantom Opera network.

Fantom Peg
0.000142 BTC11.802049 FTM
-4.66%$2,142,346$41,158,086   $41,188,390.11   75,794

Rai Reflex Index (RAI)

Reflexer is building non-pegged stable assets with the power of control theory.

0.000101 BTC8.374756 FTM
-0.42%$2,140,045$34,080,985   $5,490.36   27


TSHARE holders have voting rights (governance) on proposals to improve the protocol and future use cases within the Tomb finance ecosystem.

Fantom Peg
0.024490 BTC2,038.769427 FTM
2.00%$4,771,978$29,188,098   $51,302,904.13   31,595

Hector (HEC)

A deflationary utility project supporting a financial centre for cryptocurrency, developing a wide range of use cases to bring real value to users.

0.000263 BTC21.862812 FTM
1.31%$181,883$21,629,160   $22,233,744.40   4,852
33 (HOGE)

The HOGE token has a 2% tax on each transaction. One trillion tokens were minted for the initial supply. Half of the tokens were immediately burned. Burning the initial supply balanced the starting transactions. It ensured redistribution was proportionally weighted among wallet holders.

0.000000 BTC0.000082 FTM
10.50%$33,240$12,251,740   $741.87   21

Wrapped Banano (wBAN)

BANANO is a fourth-generation cryptocurrency getting into your wallet fast, fee-less, and with loads of fun. BANANO is distributed entirely for free for almost 4 years through a variety of activities.

0.000000 BTC0.022665 FTM
0.69%$129,368$11,098,483   $63,355.47   175

BeethovenxToken (BEETS)

Beethoven X aims to be a one-stop decentralized investment platform on Fantom Opera. Beethoven X is the first next-generation AMM protocol on Fantom.

0.000004 BTC0.313824 FTM
-10.02%$1,314,166$9,107,956   $16,355,075.41   17,433

Spice (SFI)

Saffron is an asset collateralization platform where liquidity providers have access to dynamic exposure by selecting customized risk and return profiles.

0.002620 BTC218.102972 FTM
2.54%$46,750$6,323,005   $2,919.67   339

Hegic (HEGIC)

Hegic is an on-chain peer-to-pool options trading protocol built on Ethereum.

0.000000 BTC0.024210 FTM
-3.22%$112,443$6,171,180   $72.98   49

Fantohm (FHM)

Fantohm is building a community-owned decentralized financial infrastructure to bring more stability and transparency for the world.

0.000083 BTC6.882225 FTM
-5.20%$16,757$5,908,143   $8,494,072.26   1,105

Staked Fantohm (sFHM)

Fantohm is building a community-owned decentralized financial infrastructure to bring more stability and transparency to the world.

0.000083 BTC6.882225 FTM
-5.20%$16,757$5,908,143   $15,238,192,083.93   5,560

Liquid Driver (LQDR)

Incentivizing deep liquidity for SushiSwap on Fantom Opera.

0.000101 BTC8.374756 FTM
4.31%$221,686$5,570,089   $15,325,406.70   19,093

SpiritSwap Token (SPIRIT)

The SpiritSwap protocol adds incentives for Fantom network participants by introducing revenue sharing through the classic AMM model.

0.000001 BTC0.055449 FTM
14.84%$407,655$5,536,335   $12,409,533.39   47,759

Tempus (TEMP)

Tempus is a multi-chain fixed income protocol. Tempus integrates with lending protocols, staking protocols, and yield aggregators, and lets users fix or speculate on the yield generated by them.

0.000003 BTC0.213103 FTM
0.40%$55,305$5,056,631   $18,209.48   49

Cerby Token (CERBY)

Cerby Token is a Cross-Chain Token Standard aiming to allow users to easily bridge between blockchains and DLT networks.

0.000000 BTC0.000493 FTM
-0.90%$445$4,130,090   $327,158.86   96

ArtWallet (1ART)

OneArt is building a scalable ecosystem of NFT related products connecting blockchains together in one place.

0.000001 BTC0.094754 FTM
0.91%$38,255$3,510,977   $3,172,035.36   878

Graviton (GTON)

GTON Capital is a DAO that creates DeFi infrastructure and builds an ecosystem of products to advance digital capital markets, using $GTON as an algorithmic governance token.

0.000030 BTC2.504569 FTM
-3.32%$2,966$3,423,413   $1,805,310.31   5,016

TETU Reward Token (TETU)

TETU is a DeFi application built on Fantom that implements automated yield farming strategies in order to provide investors with a safe and secure method of receiving high and stable yield on their investments providing automated yield aggregation and distribution through xTETU.

0.000001 BTC0.045134 FTM
14.64%$76,052$3,362,805   $194,393.67   660

Geist.Finance Protocol Token (GEIST)

Geist Finance is a decentralized, non-custodial liquidity market protocol operating on the Fantom Opera blockchain.

0.000000 BTC0.028630 FTM
-6.87%$157,088$3,138,864   $4,098,867.13   6,273

Tarot (TAROT)

Tarot is a decentralized lending protocol on Fantom Opera where users can participate as lenders or borrowers in isolated lending pools.

0.000003 BTC0.240980 FTM
-0.36%$179,086$2,818,461   $8,718,700.00   5,434

PaintSwap Token (BRUSH)

PaintSwap is an open NFT marketplace supporting all NFTs, as well as a decentralized exchange and yield farming platform on Fantom.

0.000000 BTC0.031087 FTM
10.94%$68,647$2,263,589   $2,634,307.51   11,297

Onino (ONI)

ONINO is the simplest solution for your Web3 identity.

0.000003 BTC0.269208 FTM
0.07%$220,974$1,752,930   $90,531.35   141
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