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Exec Transaction778739852024-03-21 11:01:0724 days ago1711018867IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.01104956118.75
Exec Transaction778739582024-03-21 11:00:3824 days ago1711018838IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.00891334117.41987715
Exec Transaction768440192024-03-06 9:27:1539 days ago1709717235IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.0058574362.95
Exec Transaction768440022024-03-06 9:26:5539 days ago1709717215IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.0058058762.4039631
Exec Transaction767097152024-03-04 8:50:4041 days ago1709542240IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.01790502191.68
Exec Transaction767096852024-03-04 8:50:0741 days ago1709542207IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.01783382191.71
Exec Transaction732153822023-12-26 9:41:46110 days ago1703583706IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.0075071980.68
Exec Transaction732153592023-12-26 9:41:10110 days ago1703583670IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.0075062280.68
Exec Transaction732153262023-12-26 9:40:39110 days ago1703583639IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.0075062280.68
Exec Transaction732152872023-12-26 9:40:01110 days ago1703583601IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.0075043280.67
Exec Transaction732152432023-12-26 9:38:54110 days ago1703583534IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.0075062280.68
Exec Transaction732151782023-12-26 9:37:46110 days ago1703583466IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.0072029277.41
Exec Transaction732151442023-12-26 9:37:11110 days ago1703583431IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.0072019977.41
Exec Transaction732150442023-12-26 9:35:31110 days ago1703583331IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.0072140877.54
Exec Transaction731125082023-12-24 23:09:58112 days ago1703459398IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.0037563840.37
Exec Transaction731124822023-12-24 23:09:21112 days ago1703459361IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.0037545240.35
Exec Transaction731124542023-12-24 23:08:42112 days ago1703459322IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.0037573140.38
Exec Transaction731123922023-12-24 23:07:36112 days ago1703459256IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.0037531140.34
Exec Transaction731123652023-12-24 23:07:08112 days ago1703459228IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.0038284741.15
Exec Transaction731123372023-12-24 23:06:22112 days ago1703459182IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.003827141.13
Exec Transaction731122932023-12-24 23:05:34112 days ago1703459134IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.0038280341.14
Exec Transaction731122232023-12-24 23:04:07112 days ago1703459047IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.0038275441.14
Exec Transaction730312402023-12-23 10:07:43113 days ago1703326063IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.0051176955
Exec Transaction730311882023-12-23 10:05:26113 days ago1703325926IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.0042988646.2
Exec Transaction730311592023-12-23 10:03:55113 days ago1703325835IN
WigoSwap: Treasury
0 FTM0.0038624641.51
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509791362022-11-16 15:36:25515 days ago1668612985  Contract Creation0 FTM

Similar Match Source Code
This contract matches the deployed Bytecode of the Source Code for Contract 0x2FF20266...52339cB84
The constructor portion of the code might be different and could alter the actual behaviour of the contract

Contract Name:

Compiler Version

Optimization Enabled:
No with 200 runs

Other Settings:
default evmVersion, GNU LGPLv3 license
 *Submitted for verification at ftmscan.com on 2022-01-18

// File: contracts/proxies/GnosisSafeProxy.sol

// SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-3.0-only
pragma solidity >=0.7.0 <0.9.0;

/// @title IProxy - Helper interface to access masterCopy of the Proxy on-chain
/// @author Richard Meissner - <[email protected]>
interface IProxy {
    function masterCopy() external view returns (address);

/// @title GnosisSafeProxy - Generic proxy contract allows to execute all transactions applying the code of a master contract.
/// @author Stefan George - <[email protected]>
/// @author Richard Meissner - <[email protected]>
contract GnosisSafeProxy {
    // singleton always needs to be first declared variable, to ensure that it is at the same location in the contracts to which calls are delegated.
    // To reduce deployment costs this variable is internal and needs to be retrieved via `getStorageAt`
    address internal singleton;

    /// @dev Constructor function sets address of singleton contract.
    /// @param _singleton Singleton address.
    constructor(address _singleton) {
        require(_singleton != address(0), "Invalid singleton address provided");
        singleton = _singleton;

    /// @dev Fallback function forwards all transactions and returns all received return data.
    fallback() external payable {
        // solhint-disable-next-line no-inline-assembly
        assembly {
            let _singleton := and(sload(0), 0xffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff)
            // 0xa619486e == keccak("masterCopy()"). The value is right padded to 32-bytes with 0s
            if eq(calldataload(0), 0xa619486e00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000) {
                mstore(0, _singleton)
                return(0, 0x20)
            calldatacopy(0, 0, calldatasize())
            let success := delegatecall(gas(), _singleton, 0, calldatasize(), 0, 0)
            returndatacopy(0, 0, returndatasize())
            if eq(success, 0) {
                revert(0, returndatasize())
            return(0, returndatasize())

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