Accounts WigoSwap

WigoSwap is a DeFi platform that utilizes the Fantom network to offer an Automated Market Maker (AMM) alongside yield farming and NFT marketplace.

AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0x4c3c043f8c4103c048de6fb437b95ef8209038d1WigoSwap: Core Team Initial Liquidity Lock0 FTM1
0xc831a5cbfb4ac2da5ed5b194385dfd9bf5bfcba7WigoSwap: Factory0 FTM3
0xa1a938855735c0651a6cfe2e93a32a28a236d0e9WigoSwap: Master Farmer0 FTM87,109
0x5023882f4d1ec10544fcb2066abe9c1645e95aa0WigoSwap: Router0 FTM174,239
0x870c3f3bd7f1898e76640fefb43ba7cbcf9f7642WigoSwap: Seed Funder 1 120 DayTimelock0 FTM2
0xa1dc8780380dd99bdc1622ff4364b381ec4f937fWigoSwap: Seed Funder 1 180 DayTimelock0 FTM2
0xa3b6ca020da0861017ff4906c435da268efb50dbWigoSwap: Seed Funder 1 240 DayTimelock0 FTM2
Note : Labels source attribution required if used externally