Accounts Tomb Finance

A total of 13 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance TxCount
0x50884e84e427432ea0aac7d9bb915c2b10bb4b33Tomb Finance: Airdrop Wallet0 FTM39
0x0fa5a3b6f8e26a7c2c67bd205ffcfa9f89b0e8d1Tomb Finance: DAO Wallet0.35766268 FTM1,093
0x32439f5a7dc35590e83aac0a80762de27ab76046Tomb Finance: Dev Wallet0.98145115 FTM474
0x9a896d3c54d7e45b558bd5fff26bf1e8c031f93bTomb Finance: Genesis Rewards Pool0 FTM16,653
0x8764de60236c5843d9faeb1b638fbce962773b67Tomb Finance: Masonry0 FTM1,178,029
0x55530fa1b042582d5fa3c313a7e02d21af6b82f4Tomb Finance: Oracle0 FTM9,531
0x8fb778209176622de9e3564302211f9c13405858Tomb Finance: Tax Office0 FTM6
Sum of 7 Accounts1.33911383 FTM1,205,819

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