Accounts Tetu

Tetu is a Web3 asset management protocol that implement automated yield farming strategies in order to provide investors with a safe and secure method of receiving high and stable yield on their investments.

AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0xa43ea51b3251f96bb48c48567a93b15e7e4b99f6Tetu: Announcer0 FTM17
0x4dd1514c8ef880095ac16332ff046d0dc2c962aaTetu: Auto Rewarder0 FTM165
0x00379dd90b2a337c4652e286e4fbceadef940a21Tetu: Bookkeeper0 FTM2
0xa4eb2e1284d9e30fb656fe6b34c1680ef5d4cbfcTetu: Contract Reader0 FTM4
0x22e2625f9d8c28cb4bce944e9d64efb4388ea991Tetu: Controller0 FTM10,665
0xd353254872e8797b159594c1e528b8be9a6cb1f8Tetu: Fee Reward Forwarder0 FTM2
0x81367059892aa1d8503a79a0af9254dd0a09afbfTetu: Fund Keeper0 FTM2
Note : Labels source attribution required if used externally