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Gas: 14 Gwei

Accounts  Staking

Related labels Tokens (30)
The process of holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the operations of a network.
AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0x4e5D87...5cAFc63A DEUS Finance: DEI-DEUS Staking0 FTM7
0xa78Ea4...3E1Bf20f DEUS Finance: DEI-USDC Staking0 FTM5
0x6eA8de...aAda7E77 Metavault DAO: Staking0 FTM2,197
0xe27c0A...8411Ad65 Metavault DAO: Staking Distributor0 FTM5
0x80c077...1EaA292c Metavault DAO: Staking Helper0 FTM1,244
0x4C5B4F...bD21487C MiniVerse Finance: MiniChillas Staking0 FTM5,141
0xdA2A4A...43a97334 MiniVerse Finance: MiniGuineas Staking0 FTM2,150

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