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Address Name Tag Balance TxCount
0xca79f97d3af4bce5bfaa9821a0887e50542636f7Spooky Swap: Brew BOO0 FTM904
0xacaca07e398d4946ad12232f40f255230e73ca72Spooky Swap: IFO0 FTM411,471
0x1ad2870510e1ce60c1f3951208b99d4ab79f5ba6SpookySwap: 120 Days Token Vesting Timelock0 FTM1
0x9347d7629ad26fb60448eecf070e640dcb420915SpookySwap: 180 Days Token Vesting Timelock0 FTM1
0xa2a1c57faeceaf330cad764a7afe1e219e82df9bSpookySwap: 240 Days Token Vesting Timelock0 FTM1
0xb07fddd8a191d540b913a7e360119fa2e1064358SpookySwap: 360 Days LP Vesting Timelock0 FTM1
0x1f269c1b8aa6dbe1b2bcb97c451a0e51a17a645cSpookySwap: 60 Days Token Vesting Timelock0 FTM1
Sum of 7 Accounts0 FTM412,379

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