FTM Price: $0.42 (-2.45%)
Gas: 13 Gwei

Accounts  Scream

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Scream is a highly-scalable decentralised lending protocol built and powered by the Fantom Blockchain.
AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0x59B46F...a7368A01 Scream.sh: Compound Lens0 FTM3
0x37517C...57C10BEB Scream.sh: Comptroller0 FTM24
0xD4Db21...584fD52E Scream.sh: Comptroller Storage0 FTM1
0x70f889...Cf2fbBf8 Scream.sh: Deployer 298.60384269 FTM1,545
0x8D9AED...fA0eBE75 Scream.sh: scDAI0 FTM23,807
0x022247...E1c263F9 Scream.sh: scfUSDT0 FTM28,845
0xe0654C...256bF475 Scream.sh: SCREAM Token0 FTM78,591

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