Accounts Old Contract

Contracts/addresses which are migrating or have migrated to a new contract/address. This includes token swaps as well.

AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0xc30d1b0ce932c3dd3373a2c23ada4e9608caf345Casper DeFi: Old CASPER Token0 FTM1,226
0xde12c7959e1a72bbe8a5f7a1dc8f8eef9ab011b3Deus Finance: Old DEI Token 20 FTM24,822
0x0cd022dde27169b20895e0e2b2b8a33b25e63579EverRise: Old RISE Token2.13572106 FTM327
0xb0c96020aac0003e61c609bd51e1629389e43674Fantom Node Capital: Old FNC Token3.71385401 FTM2,105
0xc8da1a26abef9e2e41b4c89c1b345cc05ce034e8JustYours: Old JUST Token0 FTM1,029
0xfd46f44a5ad3227a7325b695b6ea1aa549862309Lira: Old LIRA Token0 FTM21
0xc45d2733819b9c9e2ec87088c1ab82bcd256c3c4OwlDAO: Old OWL Token0 FTM36
Note : Labels source attribution required if used externally