Accounts Multichain

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Multichain is a trustless protocol to bridge assets between heterogenous Layer-1 and Layer-2 platforms.

A total of 5 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance Txn Count
0xc10ef9f491c9b59f936957026020c321651ac078Multichain: anyCall V6117.31705427 FTM446
0xd652776de7ad802be5ec7bebfafda37600222b48Multichain: anyDAI Token0 FTM3,454
0x84051efb5e0c61ac1863b5de72cd5bc3221870e4Multichain: anyHND Token0 FTM20
0x54f5a04417e29ff5d7141a6d33cb286f50d5d50eMultichain: Anyswap Create20 FTM52
0xfa9da51631268a30ec3ddd1ccbf46c65fad99251Multichain: Deployer 270.4074407 FTM905
Sum of 5 Accounts187.72449497 FTM4,877
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