Accounts Morpheus Swap

Morpheus Swap is a a yield farming & yield aggregator protocol on Fantom.

A total of 7 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance TxCount
0x9c454510848906fddc846607e4baa27ca999fbb6Morpheus Swap: Factory0 FTM12
0xc7dad2e953dc7b11474151134737a007049f576eMorpheus Swap: MasterChef0 FTM280,780
0x0c35b3b57cde4a3007398045b274548a6592e9d0Morpheus Swap: MORPH-PILLS Swapper0 FTM19,528
0x92fcfc79187bc2db094c784d2a1b09e427ede24fMorpheus Swap: Multisig2 FTM1,298
0x415742c217ea4941b706ff358bf6178985590cfaMorpheus Swap: Neo Pool0 FTM1,868
0x8ac868293d97761a1fed6d4a01e9ff17c5594aa3Morpheus Swap: Router0 FTM54,949
0x77e4b42c3d788735bc27ad7f494362b07ccd9f04Morpheus Swap: Timelock0.05 FTM175
Sum of 7 Accounts2 FTM358,435

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