Accounts Market Protocol

Market Protocol allows anyone to create isolated interest rate markets that enable borrowing and lending of any token based asset which supports the ERC-20 specification.

A total of 13 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance TxCount
0xf8a05c5970ea365667cfa246bb81d8a0e3783e81Market Protocol: Chainlink Price Oracle V20 FTM3
0x5dfbf7c7dffb2b95d6eaa84474d24f04e2db59cbMarket Protocol: Fee Distributor0 FTM3
0x1bc7f589d6ca55d466c917899ce7f50506703a39Market Protocol: Jump Rate Model V2 Cream Gov0 FTM1
0x6ade5eaf6825dfc4ec1c812e9e9240b6301b12b8Market Protocol: Jump Rate Model V2 Cream Major0 FTM1
0xf76028d7b33897403a1f4f5ee17ad498b3f3ddeeMarket Protocol: Jump Rate V1 Cream Stables Major0 FTM1
0x8e4129141be6fffaa6c1e520fa407a0d022dd97eMarket Protocol: Lens V30 FTM1
0xe8450dc5d6d88be26087272db46c08fa36455904Market Protocol: Lens V3 Paginate0 FTM1
Sum of 7 Accounts0 FTM10

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