Accounts Beethoven X

Beethoven X aims to be a one-stop decentralized investment platform on Fantom Opera.

AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0x08101f0152a21313234edb1962e1181fb0f26e90Beethoven X: Locked Liquidity Vesting0 FTM57
0xf26d401c8051c664c1d2047f0cbc34105ac68cd0Beethoven X: Locked Liquidity Vesting 20 FTM57
0x3be3a2cd1d02f273c28e452e45bcd7c92b2d2e0bBeethoven X: Locked Liquidity Vesting 30 FTM131
0x5d0a9c5aac3024b1100b0f76c2c17a13453f3f33Beethoven X: Locked Liquidity Vesting 40 FTM5
0x3122e55914638cf162bea3c96632b64caa5516d5Beethoven X: Locked Liquidity Vesting 50 FTM2
0x8166994d9ebbe5829ec86bd81258149b87facfd3Beethoven X: MasterChef0 FTM643,802
0xc6920d3a369e7c8bd1a22dbe385e11d1f7af948fBeethoven X: Protocol Fees Collector0 FTM2
Note : Labels source attribution required if used externally