FTM Price: $0.42 (-1.51%)
Gas: 15 Gwei

Accounts  Based Finance

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Based Finance an algorithmic token pegged to TOMB on the FTM Network.
AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0xE5009D...C9F0e5cD Based Finance: Acropolis0 FTM154,218
0x9Ec66B...bB39ad84 Based Finance: Based Genesis Reward Pool0 FTM11,513
0x8D7d34...cdEd89ae Based Finance: BASED Token0 FTM32,914
0xAc0fa9...7c18A746 Based Finance: BShare Reward Pool0 FTM255,544
0x49C290...C954ab7a Based Finance: BSHARE Token0 FTM35,985
0xA0e0F4...D9405831 Based Finance: DAO Wallet30.27948535 FTM952
0x1252E3...86A62586 Based Finance: Deployer0.00001228 FTM1,471

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